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Vinsonhaler Investments is an organization that invests in real estate.  Part of our portfolio is investing in Residential Assisting Living Facilities.  Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment in which our Staff and Residents can flourish and take pride in as they work and live in our facilities.  

If you want to be part a great team, that empowers and promotes professional development while greatly, positively impacting residents that face mental illness, then we would like you to join our family.  Our Motto "If we take care of our Staff and Residents, our Staff and Residents will thrive".

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Our Story

Jody Gray and Steve Vinsonhaler got into Assisted Living to provide a safe, and healthy environment for those that struggle with their mental health.  Our goal is for provide a facility that both our Staff and Residents will take pride in.  We promote empowering our employees so they can accomplish their goals as they take great care of the Residents and facility.   


Jody and Steve are always looking to expand and to find additional ways to create advancement opportunities for our staff.  If we sound like we would be a great fit for you, we would love to have you be part of our family.  Click on the link below to fill out an application and email to or  If you prefer to fax, fax to 208-376-3770.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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